Freeburn and Timed Challenges Xbox 360

Heyy, im new here on burnout aholics. So first I'd like to say hello, i used to be on the criterion forum, but we all know what happend there... :/


and I'm looking for people to do some challenges with, i have all the two player ones done, about half of all the others completed, but i'm willing to help any and all, as i will eventually reach 500.

Shoot me an invite and i'll join up unless im currently helping someone else my gt: Cripled Turtle2

Thanx and see you on the island or in the city, or smashing u with my Touge Criterion

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I am also after completing a few more challenges now that they're waving the carrot of a diamond car. 

I've done all the bike challenges, but i'll happily help anyone serious about completing bike challenges. 

And I'm happy to help anyone whose serious about working with me to complete the car challenges, especially the timed ones.

IGN Wobyone, send me a message if you need someone to make up the numbers.


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i also need help add me please done all the 2 player challenges i need your help ps3 online id:arnoldinho10


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Hey Cripled Turtle2, you know I'll help out whenever I can.

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Also working my way through them all.

Need only the bike challenges, a few more 4/5/6/7 freeburn ones and a few more timed ones also.

Hit me up on XBL, I'm on BP most of the time right now. Hosting quite alot too.