An easy way to get 5 million or more in stunt on the Island

An easy way to get 5 million or more in the stunt in Island

No  barrel roll or flat spin just drive a around and make low-risk hop.

I think why it was so hard to get 5 Million do in stunt on Island, why make it difficult than it.
I do barrel roll and flat spin on every jump it high risk jump, it no need to do if you only need
5 million do low risk jump it more easy to do. yes it takes more time but it is approaching to do.

Hope it help Airzona
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will always prefer taking the risks.  You can't beat that feeling of going over a split ramp after the timer has run out and nailing that triple barrel roll when you know you shouldn't be greedy and settle for a double.

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Flatspins are pretty low risk especially off the ski jump, even off the bridge jumps they're not too bad.


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PIck the 88 special go to the spiral builng and do the flat spin tutorials on youtube it will give u like 13x and by the cunstruction side there are 6 spit ramps do em from each side double barrel roll always works bridge super jump 1 or 2 billboards and u will have over 15 mill. good luck