PS3 Store SUCKS!!

Tried to buy Big Surf At PSN Store and it didn't work.  How did you guys get yours?

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I don't really know how it works on PS3, but you should be able to use the store that you can get to from the menus in the game to buy the additional content.

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The PSN also gave me problems, but this was once I bought the Island. An error kept occuring as soon as i entered the Island, then I could'nt sign back in. This meant that I couldn't play online . Eventually I was able to sign in the next day (on the 4th million attempt). Maybe this problem occured because I bought Big Surf Island at the PSN Store rather than on the game menu.

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the psn servers were overloaded when the island came out and the criterion servers were overloaded with island and it forced people out of psn

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this is what happened to me: As I don't have a creditcard, yet live in the Netherlands, I tried using the american version of PSN where I could use psn-cards for my european version of burnout paradise. However... The addons don't seem to work! Can anybody help me please?


Kind regards,

Jeroen Willemsen

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true masher 22 it confuses the ps3 but not the psn u should have bought it in the game it works fine


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