Sirens / Horns on official wireless steering wheel?

Hi all,

we've got the official XBOX 360 wireless steering wheel. We couldn't work out how to get the sirens / horns working on the cop cars etc. After scouring the web it seems you need to press the left stick. The thing is, the left stick doesn't seem to be supported on the steering wheel. I find it really strange that they'd put in a feature for a driving game that isn't supported on a steering wheel.

Am I missing something? Does anybody know how to activate the sirens on an XBOX 360 steering wheel?


Thanks Loads

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The horns and sirens are on the Left Stick Click, so if this is not supported on the steering wheel you will not be able to use them.

CG in their infinite wisdom have not allowed custom controls in Burnout Paradise so any controller other then the normal gamepad will have difficulties.

Having the horns/sirens on the Left Stick Click is really annoying, I am constantly turning on my sirens by accident!

TBH the sirens are annoying anyway... so it is probably a good thing that you can't use them!! How do you find playing Burnout Paradise using the wheel?