Is Burnout 3 still online on the PS2 ?

I'm curious to know if people still play the game.


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But its still available on the old xbox. How you doing with the ASR? I'm whooping a lot of my road times with it, shittingly fast car.

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My initial thought was that it's not on PS2 online anymore... but then again, it could be.

Burnout Revenge was certainly sunsetted for the Original Xbox and PS2 versions, but I am not sure whether or not you can play BO3 on PS2 online??

Burnout 3 is still on Xbox Live both on the original Xbox and on Xbox 360 as it is playable on both.

Does anybody with Burnout 3 on PS2 know the answer to this??

If you have it GT you should try it! I doubt there will be anybody else playing tho so you probably wont be able to get a game going unless you know other people who have it on PS2 and you can organise a time to play.


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When the ps3 came the ps2 online was replaced by psn theory no it does not work

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I just did a quick google search as I was surprised at the last response on this thread and I found this article from October last year:

Although a lot of the servers may now have been sunsetted, it seems that as long as you have the hardware you should still be able to play PS2 online.

Still.. no confirmation about whether or not Burnout 3 servers for PS2 are still available.