Big Surf Island - smashgates

HI everybody,

looks like i'm having trouble in finding all of those smash gates on big surf island,

i got 74 of 75, can anybody plz help me? maybe there is a well hidden one or something, i don't know.

PLZ Help me




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Start by figuring out which part of the island you need to go to. Hit Start, go do discoverables, and see which area you're missing a smash gate in. That will help focus your attention a lot.

I was missing one in midtown forever...but what are the odds that the one I had been missing is the one you're missing? Try going everywhere you haven't been yet, and make sure you hit both ends when you find a new entrance to some place.

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haven't thought of this before, thx, know i know its somewhere in perren's point, but where ?

edit: hrhr found it, was somewhere near the way to the crash tv jump, don't know suddenly it was there :D

now its time for the challanges :)

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Congrats on finding all the gates!

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The last one is always the hardest!

I'll be trying to ifnd my last one tonight :)

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im still trying to find my last one :( all i know is its in north beach....spent nearly 2 hours trying to find it!


*edit* YAY i got them all :) Toy cars are awesome! haha