What you best stunt run on the Island

I got 115 milion in a stunt run  on the Island Only

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I suck at stunt runs so I only have a meagre 10mill.  My problem is I get too greedy and try to get an extra barrel roll when I really shouldn't and end up on my roof.

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to use the toy 88 special it (nearly)always works most of the time it does 2 or 3 by random jumps
i did 6x with it on the big surf island LUCK!!! anyway the only problem with that car is the MASSIVE jumps some times TOO big even so its my fav car smash all the billboards to get it only if u have the island


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New best 407 Million on the Island only  use P12 toy car

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 Nothing too special, just somewhere around 1,850,000.

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 if you get over 1mill on the island do you get millionares club acheivement