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Well things certainly look different over here..... maybe because i havent been here ..... and by looking at the blogs and the forums i honestly felt like turning around and running back to XLN ......but no i must remember where i started after all i am a polite person ....... so whats been happening with everyone? i know none of you have been on revenge .... there you go i said it ....... yep REVENGE remember that really good game that we all used to play together?..... well maybe you have forgot ...... seems like the world has gone paradise mad ...... except me....i even organised a british only tournament lol yes i laugh because i only got 5 people to take part ..... joke isnt it ...... jeez i remember when we used to have to fight to get in a room ......i miss those days ...... and ive never found a game that gave me that wanting more feeling since....... pauls getting bored of burnout but im not ..... why not ? surely i should be bored of this by now and moved on ...... i cant ? why? ive played loads of othe games over the months and ive had loads of FREE games over the months to review and i still go back to REVENGE......hell i even got asked if i wanted all the paradise dlc for free to review and yes i turned it down ever so politely ..... i think my boss thinks that because im a burnoutaholic that id be into it ....... at least now he knows where tought got him.......lmao someone else doing it :) well i thought id flutter by and say hello to you all, zombie you must be feeling the bump more now too ..... i cant wait to see your pics of your new arrival......ill have to keep checking your twitter .......well until next time i guess i bid you all farewell..... if you ever fancy a chat and a race even for old times sake ...... you all know where to find me ...... and you all probably .... or should know what times im on too ..... lol till then guys girls enjoy whatever it is your playing and be safe :)and if you fancy playing Battlefield:1943 but havent bought it yet of the marketplace ...... try my review out im sure it will convince you into purchasing it......theres a nice trailer and some screens added too...... you can read it here :)


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I haven't been playing many video games at all until very recently. I tried Battlefield 1943 as Xandu loves it and can't seem to get enough of it at the moment, but I was really rubbish! and got fed up of being killed the second after I respawned after a while!! Zero kills too! very depressing!!

1 vs 100 has caught my attention tho, I used to go to IRC quiz rooms back when the Internet was still in it's infancy and extended play kinda reminds me of that. Also, I want to try to win the prizes! I was a bit dissapointed tho that the next prize game isn't til the end of August... I hope my circumstances allow me time to play!

Glad you are still playing Revenge! If I get the itch for some Burnout I will definitely try to join you!