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Well i consider it good news, good news that id like to share with my friends ...... *psyche looks round* hmmmm it appears some still visit ..... anyway my news well as you all know  i am a contents editor over on well today i no longer became the contents editor ..... i became a SUPER MODERATOR and i couldnt be happier, and it proves that if you put enough hard work and dedication into something, you definately do get rewarded. 

Zombie if your reading this, i read your twitter and you said seeing as there is no paradise news we need a change ? id be interested in hearing what you have in mind  ? maybe a bit more revenge on the cards, i hear babies love adrenalin rushes whilst in the womb of the mother it would be fun to see a few familiar faces on there, theres definately not that many about now ...... nice catching up and chat to you soon .... love psyche xx


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Congratulations Psyche! Sounds like you are now all powerful over at XLN!!

My main thoughts about changes to so far are just to de-emphasize Paradise on the front page, maybe make the front page a little more of a static gateway then the news format it has now... as there really isn't any news to keep updating.

I think Baby does like me playing Revenge and getting the adrenaline buzz as there is always a lot of movement from my bump when I do play, I have taken a bit of a break from it lately tho... but it would be good to get back in the driving seat of my Revenge Racer and seeing what the action is like now. I got a bit frustrated last time I played as loads of new players seem to be getting really good, and I was racing for toffee!

It is dawning on me that I potentially only have 6 more weeks of having any time to myself... so if I am going to do any racing I better start now!

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Ummm.. You better start racing Good again Zombs...


BTW, to answer Psych's question about the 385mph Boost Jump? The real question is whether he does it consistently on not?

Ive heard Hawkeye hit 430mph, but he said he hit the top of car on that one.. that was with the RR tho? not sure.. Ive never been able to get 385mph, 347mph was my highest..




"There's Nero, One of the Twin Angels" - DjSubzero18 (Burnout Revenge Online, 3/ 20/ 2009)

"There's Nero, One of the Twin Angels" - DjSubzero18 (Burnout Revenge Online, 3/ 20/ 2009)