The End of Paradise?

Hi Guys,

               I had just been thinking for a while, that since they just released Big Surf Island AND Cops and Robbers, (not for us PC gamers yet though as I keep reminding everyone...) Do they really have anything else to make? What will they do, release some DLC that hasn't been announced yet? Or are they finished with paradise and just set off on another game or Burnout 6?

   Tell me what you think below!

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as far as we know CG are now working on new projects, which presumably are an NFS title, Burnout Next and Black 2???

As educated guesses go, I think the next game we see from CG will be the NFS title.

I do hope that they release the rest of the DLC for the PC soon tho... as it seems like a bit of a missed opportunity if they leave it too long. There seem to be a lot of people playing Paradise on PC at the moment, but as with all games the number of players will start falling soon.

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I just researched a bit on if CG is really working on a new nfs game, and it turns out their working on THREE nfs! One is called need for speed shift(which i think came out a coupl of days ago), nfs Nitro, and nfs:World online... But I also found that its almost sure that they'll continue making DLC for burnout paradise, but i don't know how true that is...

By the way, has anyone noticed how their website and the CG Network is practically dead??? They haven't written on twitter for at least 3 months, all the news their posting is old ones for "new" burners just joining them, and the last CrashTv episode was way back in july!!! Was it the summer holidays, are they gnna give us some huge announcement, or is it that they are practically finished with burnout??? Hopefully not the series...

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Neither Shift nor Nero were made (or are being made) by CG. EA seem to be branding all of their racing games with the NFS brand now. We do not yet know what the CG version of NFS is going to be called.

On a side note, NFS Shift will have a demo out on Xbox Live and PS3 on the 1st of October, so if you haven't bought it yet you will be able to try before you buy.

I don't know where you heard about more DLC for Paradise, but from what we have heard there will be no more DLC... except possibly the missing updates for the PC although even this hasn't been confirmed by CG.

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I love the game. I hope they make a #6 that plays much the way Paradise works with new roads and goals to conquer.