Criterion Jobs

 Couple of interesting jobs, Web designer and world modeller

The world modeller includes this snippet - We are looking for experienced world modellers to join the Criterion team on a contract basis for a period of 5 months starting in January 2010. 

We are looking for artists who use good processes, such as reference gathering in their work and can effectively build geometry for authentic real world environments to a technical specification. An understanding of how best to represent environments in a game world to best effect from the players perspective is also essential. An artist who has experience modelling environments for racing games would be of particular interest to us. Experience with Photoshop is essential and Maya experience is preferred. 

This may give an indication of the stage that NFS or the next Burnout is at.


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there are a couple more CG vacancies on the EA job pages too. Junior Software Engineer and Contract Production Designer and Contract Production Editor.

If any members apply, please let us know how you got on!!  and Good Luck!

It is good to see them hiring again, as it means they must be busy!!


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when kevlar told me about this last night i just had to come and check it out ....... does this mean that we are going to get a new burnout ????? i jolly well hope so .......

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