Hello strange people .....

Well its certainly been a while since i posted in here ........ so i was reading through the site yesterday and i felt like i needed to put in my contribution...... i was talking with Eezo the other day and i asked him if he had posted or visited here and i have to admit i was kinda taken aback by his response ....... he said after not being in here for so long it felt uncomfortable ....... i do kinda have to agree with him it is slightly but ..... im me and i dont care and ill post wherever i can hehehe ....... so yeah i raced kevlar the other evening and i had a really good night ...... although i do have to question just how much of a burnoutaholic kevlar actualy is because wait for it ........ he had forgotten the tracks lmao so it was nice taking the rank of such a noob ...... a bit like taking candy from a baby .... so what has everyone been upto ? i feel like a stranger posting here ive lost contact with sooooo many of you ....... i guess i have myself to blame for that as i wont play paradise .... but i honestly thought after all the hype youd all return to revenge ...... i guess i now know where thought got me ...... well ive been involved in quite few projects of late ...... i couldnt say anthing earlier as things have been all hush hush ..... but i figured now is a good time to tell you all my news ...... firstly we at XLN have a new sister site, we figured that seeing as other sites where expanding that xln should follow suit .... so now we have XLN for all your usual xbox news and updates and we now have Gameteria.com which is multi platform, it covers everything from xbox right up to your iPhone\iTouch. Its a new site so it still has a few things to do on it, but its working well and it looks cool ...... my second project on XLN is the way in which the news and contents is displayed .... you may have remembered me making it as a contents editor ? i was so pleased with my self .... well now ive been promoted and im now Contents Manager, which is amazing because i now get to decide everything and it a very satisfying position to uphold...... my third project is XBOXLIVELINK.COM, this is a new community site that has just launched and im the councilwoman for all the social and live applications ......... we have some great features on there too such as the prestige edition of Modern Warfare 2 that were giving away if you register within 60 days :) we also have Team Play - TeamPlay is an application in which you can register a team and/or be a member of up to 10 teams, each team can register for up to 10 supported games.  Now that we have that out of the way, TeamPlay is ideal for the clan trying to make a name for themselves, a team training for MLG, or just a group of friends looking for a new challenge.  Each game has a required number of online players, if a team has at least that number of online players online and playing that specific game then that team will be shown as available.  For example, if at least 4 members of the team are playing Halo 3 then that team will be shown as available under Halo 3.  This application also includes a ranking/level system and a separate award system specifically for TeamPlay. People often ask “how is that different from matchmaking?” – The answer really is pretty simple: With matchmaking you are thrown into a match with other people who may or may not be team players or have a formulated strategy. With TeamPlay you are playing against a team who have been playing together and have a formulated strategy – it changes the game completely. Sounds good doesnt it ..... im hoping to try it all out soon .... we have a couple of gaming nights coming up so who knows maybe i can burnout revenge up there ...... wed maybe get more people playing it .......but other than all my online life everythings good, the kids are all doing great and looking forward to christmas ...... bah humbug .....im not looking forward to it mind ..... it seems the older your kids get the more expense you have to pay out ......especially when you have 4 girls who want absolutely everything, and its annoying especially when at this time of the year everything is suddenly double in price ? wheres the sense in that ...i know someone who is going to enjoy christmas this year ? yeah you zombs lol christmas is great with a new baby youll see just how spoiled she really is ....and she deserves every second it .....i cant wait to see more pics of her zombs she is just one very adorable little girl  .... So as you can see im kind of busy at late and that should explain my absence ....... well its been nice posting in here and i promise ill post more ......... you all take care and ill speak to you soon :)


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I have added links to XboxLiveLink and Gameteria to our links page, Good Job!

I think I better get back on Revenge soon before I forget all the tracks!!!

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Lets get one thing perfectly clear, it was one track where i got hopelessly lost, Eastern (they all look the same to me) Bay short upper link forward reverse long, and it was only for a few seconds, but enough to put me dead last. I went on with a 400ish rank and finished with a 4000ish rank, so cheers for that psyche. twas a good nights racing and TBH I gave my rank away because I felt sorry for the high rankers in the room and I was drinking whiskey and my dog ate my homework, It had nowt to do with me being ssip poor.

Whos a busy girl then? you are, thats who. Any chance of slipping me one of those lovely modern warfare 2 prizes, I did give you my rank afterall. lol.


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for adding those links Zombs who knows some people might venture on over :) and kevlar your speech was spoken like a true scrub lmao you gave me your rank? like kcuf you did lmao ........ i took it from you and you know it ...... and yes i enjoyed playing you after so long .... and eastern bay was awesome i really enjoyed listening to you of all people telling me how lost you where ..... it was classic :)