CG alive again???

Seems that suddenly, after so long, CG decided to write something on their website and twitter... and they are continuing like previous times when they wrote every day... Maybye im just stupid but it seems to me that they're ready to tells us something new they *may* release... Thats just me being hopeful.

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I think the twitter chatter and news on CG's page is just a way to remind people about Paradise and possibly to get more people to purchase the DLC. I am anxious to hear more about what CG are working on now... but I have a feeling they are going to be tight lipped about it for a good while yet.

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Hmm yea good point...   Seems all they've been talking about is how great BSI is and that our holiday wishes will be fulfilled once we buy it... Yep, that'll make 'em a couple more bucks.. It's pretty annoying knowing they're working on another project and we can't find out about it.

By the way did you hear about some people who left Criterion and made their own company? "Hello Games" is what I think they're called. Supposedly they're making some sort of stunt-man game like littlebigplanet, only with bikes...


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I just checked out their webpage, thanks for letting us know about it!

Their first game "Joe Danger" looks like it could be a lot of fun on Xbox Live Arcade!   Looks a bit like the "Joy Ride" concept tho... so it may not get to Xbox??

They definitely have the right aspiration for games design! "Hello Games wants to make games that will put a stoopid grin on your face."



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WOW! CG have been twittering like crazy!

This is the linky if you want to follow them:


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Wow they really have gone twitter crazy! They even said their next game will be a new addition to NFS...

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So i just opened my email inbox and got an email from the Playstation Network saying Joe Danger is exclusive for Playstation, which sucks. Also, rumors of JoyRide at E3 possibly?

EDIT:Speaking of E3 I just came across some websites saying EA will be announcing a new NFS title other than "World", and Criterion mentioned something about it on their Twitter.

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I am expecting full coverage of CG's NFS at E3, that is certainly what has been indicated on their Twitter stream and what I took from EA's announcement of NFS news at E3.

Only 4 days to go til the EA showcase!!

That's a real shame about Joe Danger tho, I thought they were going for a multi platform release. I would probably have downloaded it from the marketplace if it was on 360. But then again, I have blur and split/second to play and not enough time to play them in, so no great loss right now.


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wow looks like EA has a lot of stuff coming up.  btw are you going to E3? Im going to the US in the summer just a week after E3 finishes ....

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Criterion have a countdown on their web site (not sure how long it's been there).


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I assume the countdown on CG's website that was put up today, means that the website will be NFS in 3 days, 8 hours and about 23 minutes from when I am typing this!

The Paradise site is looking really old now, so I am looking forward to their site being refreshed! (OK, I know our site is probably looking a little old too... but then this isn't what we do for a living.)

I really want to see what CG's take on NFS is going to look like and what kind of game it is going to be, we've had very little information about it so far.

Can't wait til next week!

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oh a countdown, i see? Im leaving a separate window open with the countdown on until the final minutes... Finally we'll get some info and hopefully a release date...