hmm the best car..??

Hey fellow burnoutaholics.

I am new to this site. and must confess i havn't finished the game yet :(. i got the drivers license A but have only had the game for a day so its not to embarrasing.

I just had some questions.


1:What is the best car for road rage, markedman races and stunt events (in your opinion) ?

2: what is the fastest car in the game ?

3: what are some good tips on stunt events. i seem to get stuck on them

4: what is the best super jump to get the most air off of (not including big surf island)


thats pretty much all.

Thanks !



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oh and 1 more question. how do u unlock moterbikes ?



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You need the latest update of Burnout Paradise.

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oh ok thanks for answering my question :D


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1: The best car is purely a matter of opinion, for Road Rages I liked using the Van, for Marked Man I liked Steel Wheels and for Stunt Run I like the Hawker or the Roadster.

2: The fastest car, I think it's the Extreme Hot Rod. Without including DLC cars, I would say it's the PCPD.

3: On Stunt Events, take your time! It's not how fast you go that matters... only use your boost to help you with stunts and to stop your timer pie from depleting. If you go super fast all the time you are more likely to crash out! Find a route you know and stick with it! You can always expand to new areas when you get better and more confident.

4: The biggest jumps are off the damn or into the quarry, there are loads of big jumps in the airfield too.

The question about DLC, as far as I know you should still be able to get the v1.9 update without needing to put in credit card details. On the Xbox when you select to join Xbox Live, if you select that you want a silver membership, you should not be asked for credit card details.... but I could be wrong.

You need to get this update to get Motorbikes, unless you get the Ultimate Box version of the game on disk.

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wow thanks heaps u've helped alot !

but asfar as the joining xboxlive problem it didn't work.

what i do is connect my console to my modem. select join xboxlive and then when it come upto the signing up page it has the first section where u and ur parents put ur email address in and stuff and then it comes to a part that asks for credit card details to "make sure my parent is over 1" -_- after that i assume what membership u want. but just woundering. is silver membership free ???


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Silver is free. As Zombietorn says you also get one month of Gold for free when you sign up for silver.

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-- The Creator --

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oh sweet so i can go online with paradise for a month before i pay a cent. sweet :)


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 The best car for me is the GT nighthawk, it is a reliable and very fast car

The best car for stunts or challenges is probably the P12 88, you can switch to hoovercraft mode and when you're in hoovercraft mode you can jump longer and you can do barrell rolls and flat spins much better


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 In my opinion, it's probably best to use the Carbon GT or the GT Nighthawk for races. They also do quite well in the other events as well, and they actually look pretty awesome!

Carson all the way! :D :D :D

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1. Road Rage and Marked Man: Main cars: Takedown 4x4 or Inferno Van; DLC: GT Nighthawk. Stunt Run: Main cars: P12; DLC: Toy P12 or Toy 88 Special (but keep the wheels down, or it'll try to do 1-and-a-half barrel rolls when you go over split ramps).

2. Main game: Carbon Hawker; Online: Nakamura Rai Jin; DLC: Extreme Hot Rod.

3. Use a slow stunt car (see above); the airfield is a good place to get your 40x multiplier.

4. Rockridge Dam.

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1: For road rage/marked man, gt nighthawk or toy gt nighthawk....For stunt run,certainly toy p88 special....For racing,u hv 4 options.Each race we hv a different best car to race....So here are they:Extreme Hot Rod,GT Nighthawk,PCPD Special,Anhillator Street Rod.

The pcpd special is mobile,but fragile,with the worst aceleration of the 4 main cars and the second worst speed of the 4 cars.

If u crash too much times,pcpd is  recommended because its easy to control.

The gt nighthawk is the slowest one,but its tough enough to survive some walls , can do curves faster than other cars, and have the best aceleration.

The extreme hot rod is the second fastest one,the fastest sometimes.its really difficult to control,dont do curves well,but can it haves a special boost that is "infinite".

The anhillator street rod can "fly" in some places like the start of flying start, but its difficult to control,not too tough and hv a speed boost.