burnout paradise wont load or "find the server"

so i just bought burnout paradise(cd) for my ps3 so i put it in and so i rememberd about the updates uhhhh!!!

so i let it update and it took 2 freaking hours. by the time it finished i was mad at the time it took. it started a new game and So the criterion logo came up and them the page were it says to put in your info but the section were it says to put in your username was already filled in so i just put the password that i use for everything and it worked, "i logged in". Then a page that said something like this came up "searching for paradise server", and thats the problem. so i figured this was part of it and i let it load for like 1 hour an nothing happened, the same page was up the said looking for server. i quit the game and tried it a few more times but then same thing happened.

could anyone help me????