Carbon Vs Nighthawk

Burnout Paradise, in my opinion has to be one of the most addicting games I have played in my life. Such a great game, lots to do.

Anyway, recently I unlocked the Carson Carbon GT Concept, and it's pretty good. As far as I know from using it, it has no weaknesses that stand out massively. Then I found out about the Nighthawk. Less top cruising speed but has the fastest acceleration of all paradise cars, and full strength. But is it worth spending my REAL money in purchasing a VIRTUAL car?

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Well, you've paid real money for the 75 virtual cars in the original game, so that should go some way towards answering your question.  Personally, I've bought all the DLC as it came out.  If you don't have any of it yet, then I'd recommend that you buy Big Surf Island - that comes with Toy versions of the Legendary cars (once you unlock them, which isn't very hard to do), including the GT Nighthawk.  As a Toy Car, it's even stronger than its bigger brother.  BSI comes with 9 cars (one available immediately, you have to work for the others)  plus the Island itself, of course, and all the events that go with it.  If you're on PS3, you can get all the DLC for a bargain price at the moment - about a third of what I paid.

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You're right. Maybe it won't hurt to sacrifice a small fraction of my parent's earnings for 4 great Paradise cars. :)

Carson all the way!

Carson all the way! :D :D :D