Is Burnout revenge (360) still worth buying?

Is Burnout revenge still active online, on xbox live? 

I've really enjoyed the burnout series. I own 2,3 and 4 for the original xbox and paradise for the 360.
Years ago all i ever did was play burnout 3 road rage online(one of my profiles has 150 hours played). After that i bought revenge but somehow i never really played it online before it closed down.  I started again with paradise and completed that one, but after a few weeks online it got boring.
I'd really like to play road rage again and i'm going to try to get in some games on burnout 3 in its last few days.
And after that i might buy revenge for the online gameplay that is more similar to burnout 3 than paradise.

I hope the game is still fairly active. Because if it isn't I fear that there won't be alot of games online because of timezones(I'm dutch). 

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Considering how old Revenge is, it still has a vibrant online community. Although, it is ofcourse, a lot less active then it used to be.

I would give one word of warning tho, Road Rage on Revenge is not the same as on Burnout 3 Takedown. If you played Road Rage online on Original Xbox Revenge, you will know this already.

Road Rage is not as popular on Revenge as it was on Burnout 3. Racing is the most popular game mode, and there are still some hard core crashers out there too!

It is definitely worth getting tho, as it is AWESOME! and you should be able to get it dirt cheap too!

Most people I play Revenge with are in the EuroZone so having people playing at good times for you shouldn't be a problem!