UPDATES 24-09-2011

We have now added leaderboards for Burnout CRASH! There are leaderboards for each level so when we have added them all there will be 9 x 6 = 54 in total. I addition to this we have added a Masters of CRASH! leaderboard that is calculated from the total of all your CRASH! scores. This is the ultimate leaderboard for Burnout CRASH! and will tell us who is the best of the best.

I've done some minor adjustments to the leaderboards this afternoon. The completion percentage is now showing correctly.

When entering scores in your profile make sure that you only use numbers 0-9 and comma in the input. If you use any other characters the score will be invalid.

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I love what you guys have done with the place the site looks amazing!!

(People play Road rage on purpose?!!)