Addiction points? What's that?

Some people might be wondering what these Addiction points are all about... well I thought it would be a funny thing to add. Basically the points gives an idea of how active you are on the site.

You get 3 points for a blog entrey, 1 point for comments, 1 point for suggeting a poll that gets put up on the site, 2 points for a FAQ that gets approved and added to our Burnout FAQ. Getting a clip added to the Revenge Clips gives you 5 points (only awarded once pr. user). If you write an article that makes it in to our Featured Articles section you can get anything from 5-50 points. There are lots of ways to earn points, but please remember that it's just a way to see how much users have contributed and it is no competition. If people start doing 1 line blogs to get more points I think you all know what will happen.

We have still not decided what to call the points. If you have any good suggestions add it as a comment to this post. We will do a poll and if your suggestion gets picked we will give you 5 points

Edit: Then we're sticking with ZombieTron's suggestion.



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Addiction Points was my suggestion, and I think it will stick. Bring it on if you think you can come up with a better name!

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so now its going to be who has the most burnout addition points.. just another thing to compare.. so whens the Penis/Vagina size comparison going to be added..  lol

BTW I drive a hatchback and dont feel the need to over compensate


theres a thin line between genius and insanity... i think i've fallen off...

theres a thin line between genius and insanity... i think i've fallen off...

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funny dude hahahaha

BurnoutAholics Gamertag Generator My name is Unsafe Noob and I am a BurnoutAholic ----English is my second language, feal free to flame me----

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Surely you've got to have TOKENS in there somewhere, in keeping with the AA theme.

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I walk every where, so i must drag mine on the ground behind me tripping people up, and dogs hopping on for a ride(no, not your mum or girl friend but maybe your sister lol).

As for these points, i have seen Bootleg, start the game with 0 and 'i don't blog' to being the blogging whore and kicking my ass.

These points are cool as it shows people who contribute to the site, so the points of addiction indicate this, so POA or AP's, Dic points, or Contribution Under New Tier System is interesting. Me addiction points for bootleg is cool as bootleg, seems to want them all lol.  Anyhew going to go and Contribute to the MRT here and pick my bro up from the airport in an hour. CYA

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when its going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Contribution Under New Tier System - Gets my vote.