What is the difference between the XBox version of Burnout Revenge and the version for the XBox 360?

The Xbox 360 version of Burnout Revenge includes several new features and improves:

  • Improved graphics and sound to utilize the power the XBox 360.
  • 10 new crash junctions.
  • Introduces online Revenge Rivals. This system allows players to keep track of their number of times they have been taken out or have taken out any given player. This number is reset every time the score is settled. Settling the score means that you take down someone that has takedowns on you. The number of times you have settled the score with a player sometimes is displayed before a race is started. When you have settled the score more than 100 times with the same player he or she will become your nemesis.
  • Burnout Clips feature, which allows to save 30 second clips of any offline race played and can be shared your friends. Your friends must have Burnout Revenge to be able to view a clip.
  • All cars are unlocked for online play. You don't have to play the game offline to unlock your favourite car anymore.
  • Removed the launch meter from Crash Mode that was seen in the PS2/Xbox version.
  • No longer seperate ranking for crash and race.
  • Ranked Road Rage events counts towards your rank.
  • Friends can no longer be invited to ranked matches.
  • Downloadable content (7 cars).
  • Start/finish line moved on Lone Peak.
  • Added more boxes, barrels, cones and rubbish on most tracks
  • Fixed various glitches on some tracks. Added some new glitches on other tracks.
  • You actually need to complete the game 100% to unlock the Revenge Racer for offline play. That includes all signature takedowns.