Beat Most Wanted Campaign- Another Look (Offline)

Yeah, it's a mashup, in my initial review I was wrong in thinking it could be considered different than Burnout Paradise (BOP still has something special about it such as more destruction and xtreme everything).  If you are an avid Burnout Paradise player, you can get through this easily. After you are done, there is so much to do.  I'll go online soon, once I practice without online distractions.

Update: Tested with the Kinect for the easy drive menu (via voice command), comes in handy when racing when you want to instantly change your parts while driving and turning off your engine right away so you aren't spotted at night.


  • Over 65k Speed points off of one pursuit from heat level 6, 49 cop cars taken down. Total time was less than half an hour, but I'll check my stats again for the exact time. (I know, not the best, but I'm still learning this mash up game since I wasn't too big on NFS)
  • I only used 4 or 5 cars to play the whole game, including only using 3 cars to move from Most Wanted Position 11 to Position 1: If you find fast cars early on in the game and upgrade them, out can breeze through the most wanted races.
  • You can skip the credits at the end, I waited for the whole thing to end and there was no surprise.

Overall: Great game! and I'm only 76% through it.

How is the game for everyone else who has a copy?





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I'm loving it so far. And to me, I won't count the single player as completed until I've unlocked and upgraded all the cars, smashed all the billboards, set of all the speed cameras, and broken all the security gates. 


And the small amount of online I played was great.

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I'm glad that someone else likes the game too.

76% is only that, I agree. In Burnout Paradise I had 101% completion, so yes, I see what you are saying.  I think that's why I said Most Wanted Campaign completed because, that's the main point in offline. To become most wanted. I'll continue to get everything else, then go online.

"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA

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Almost finished single player at 99 percent currently. What's your gamertag? I'll try and get a few of us on the multiplayer end to complete some achievements and things.

"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA