How awesome is this site going to be for years to come?

I am so happy someone took the time to organize a site where all of us burnoutaholics can come together and talk about the all the burnouts we've enjoyed and to talk about the new burnout paradise. The site is very well organized and there are many things here I didn't even know about the game. Thank you Xandu and ZombieTron for creating this new website and cheers on a job very well done. I look forward to many free t-shirts and takedowns to come. You guys rule.

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ditto that.   A round for Xandu and ZombieTron  - Hip hip Hooray, Hip hip hooray, Hip hip hooray.   Cheers.

" Ooh ooh ooh......VERTICAL.......sweeeeeeeeeeet! "

CAPS LOCK - Cruise control for AWESOME!!


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yeah Cheers Amigo!! if i were to say around for Xandu and Zombietron id say heres te beer haha


The harder to play every game makes you more a winner the cheating to the top!(it's like the needler got on Steroids!)

(People play Road rage on purpose?!!)

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Ezo, Sonic dudes, I bet you bought your Teacher a apple every day, stop biggin up the Creator and his Chickalita, dude's, shure its a great site but stop it.. Oh I get it your after the T-Shirt dang it, I looooove you Xandu and Zombie, (ha beat that dude's)



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