What's the crash stuff going to be like?

I loved Burnout 3's crash courses. What are paradise's crash going to be like?

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Lots of people have been wondering what crash will be like in Burnout Paradise. The crashmode in Burnout Paradise is called Show Time. There are no more crash junctions in the game. As you all probably know Burnout Paradise is all free and open and there is no loading. You can crash anywhere, anytime, online and offline. In ShowTime you create the crash mode. You decide where to start and stop the crash; you choose where the crash junctions should be. Basically the player is given the power to create his own crash mode. So far Criterion has not shown ShowTime to anyone so I guess we will just have to wait for the first in game footage before we can really understand what it will be like.

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That sounds really cool. I cant wait to see the first footage of a crash junction or whatever they're going to call them. I'm so excited and theres still a lot of days left til it comes out. I think they will do a great job with the crash. We all know the Burnout life only gets better.

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hahah yeah man i cant wait for im a racer but still cant wait!!!!


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