Hey Burners,

We have been pretty quiet, life happened... and the site was down for a bit. But Xandu has worked on it and got it back!

We are playing Danger Zone 2 and are looking forward to Dangerous Driving.

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We will keep maintaining this site as an homage to the Burnout series.

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Keep Burning!
ZombieTron x



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The site is back but it is not entirely healthy. Most of the content is here but lots of features had to be disabled. Also you might have noticed the funky new look... that I might fix if I get the time to do it.

-- The Creator --

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But I can do it manually in the meantime! :)

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I have now limited what users can post. This will effect our genuine members as well as the spammers.

However, we mostly want this to be a read only resource.

We will accept submissions of content, so if you want to write a genuine article relating to Burnout or the work of Three Fields Entertainment, please get in touch.

I'm @ZombieTron on Twitter:)

This leaderboard is calulated by adding the scores from all the crash junctions. This gives the best indication of the overall skill level for a given player. Please note that "Score completion" indicates how many of the 54 possible scores have been registered on BurnoutAholics.com by the given member.

Number 1 after 30 days will be crowned the Master of CRASH! Photographic evidence will be required for random levels for the final result to be valid. So no cheating will be accepted!