Burnout Paradise at London Games Festival

Sorry we couldn't give you guys a heads up on this event, but we did not know about it until seeing hn6's links. Thanks hn6!

So here is what we know. EA took over London's Trafalger Square with HUGE screens and showed a NEW Paradise Trailer as well as people playing the game.

Here are the links I have found so far:

Criterion Games

Gametrailers - The New Trailer

YouTube - Paradise Gameplay

If any of you were at the event in London please let us know what you thought! 

I hope you agree with us that Paradise looks fabulous, we are looking forward to playing the demo with you all in December!



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Here is the link to the EA myspace be the one site, with a video of the day showing Simon Webbe and Danny Williams talking about Paradise and gives a good idea of what the Be The One event was all about:

EA MySpace

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