Achievements and Awards for Burnout Paradise officially announced

Head over to and have a look at the achievements you can earn in Burnout Paradise. Criterion has also put in something called Paradise Awards for PS3 which is equivalent to the achievements on the XBox 360.

Criterion put these in for both systems because they acknowledge the fun that many players get from targeting and acquiring achievements and awards. Some players use them as milestones and bragging rights amongst their friends. They also help guide players to the numerous ways you can play Burnout Paradise.



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Someone (possibly bootleg) posted a link to 360voice players who had played Paradise. If you look them up through you get a breakdown of what achievements they have so far. Gives a slight idea of how quickly you can pick up achievements. The really interesting one is that 4 out of the 5 listed (one of whom has no achievements listed?)have the 'Criterion Fever' award which is one of two that state 'Visit to find out more' - I had assumed these would be viral in nature but if you check the site its still effectively the holding page. Could be that all the testers were given info on how to obtain it by criterion itself. Anyway just realised how sad I am to be analysing achievements on a game that's not even out yet - I'm like the ultimate gamerwhore........oh no, that titles already taken.....POW!

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