Paradise Preview and other stuff

Games critic Stephen Totilo has put an interesting Blog up on He delves a bit deeper into Paradise gameplay, and has discovered a few new things since awarding Paradise the best racing title at E3.

Criterion Games have also put up a few new Paradise goodies on their webpage. You can download Paradise ring tones as well as desktop wallpaper based on the box art. You can still get the guitar tabs of the Burnout theme too!








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I just got around to reading this and it's a cool little interview (thanks for the link hn6!).  Will Crash FM episode 12 happen this weekend? Will the Demo be given a date? I love getting little snippets of Paradise news!!

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I put my vote in for hn6 as the official BurnoutAholics newshound .  (Zomb, you already have a title lol)

CAPS LOCK - Cruise control for AWESOME!!

CAPS LOCK - Cruise control for AWESOME!!