How to activate or set road rules?

A road rule is a online or offline ShowTime record or Time record for a street. To be able to set a road rule the first thing you must do is activate the type of road rule you want to set. There are basically 4 different choices:

  • Time Offline
  • Time Online
  • Showtime Offline
  • Showtime Online
You select what kind of road rule you want to compete against by pressing up on your D-pad (scrolls through the different types of road rules).
To set a ShowTime road rule for a street you need to start the ShowTime in the street you want to set the road rule for. After you have started you can take the ShowTime wherever you want (other streets).
To set a time road rule you need to start in either end of the street. When you enter the street you will see timer in the middle top part of you screen.



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I had a small bug last night wear after being in a freeburn challenge, the game would not respond to me pressing Dpad up. I could not activate road rules. Restarting fixed this for me.


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I've also noticed that if you are doing road rules joining people online does not work... might not be a bug but it is a little bit annoying.

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-- The Creator --