What do you prefer, Showtime or Crash Mode?

28% (114 votes)
Crash Mode
61% (251 votes)
No Preference
12% (48 votes)
Total votes: 413



BootlegGiant's picture

If i had to choose between the two it would be show time, damn that is awesome especially mid race

anyone else notice how tediously boring Paradise is!

Paul_Dnap's picture

I too prefer the Showtime crashing mode, mainly because you can trigger it anytime and you need to have soem skill bouncing the car about, and some luck that there are busses coming (some knoweldge of where they park busses up comes in handy too!). I think the main advantage of crash junctions is this - it isn't scripted out !!  By that I mean in the crash junctions mode there was always one main correct way of approaching the crash, there was a correct jump to take at the correct speed to hit the junction correctly (e.g. just clip the first bus and bounce off to the left etc.) and it was more about finding that out and letting the script take over, I prefer the level of control over events that Showtime gives me.


p.s. nope, never noticed the boring thing, are you on the same game as me?

nekro neko's picture

I like Showtime (I mean, I should, I played it so much that $100m+ is nothing to me anymore and even got $1.5bn at one point), but I liked old school B2 Crashmode too.  Loved it when the busses were flung everywhere when a truck had an epileptic fit.  Good days they were.

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How on earth do you get so high scores? I just about beat all the offline road rules, my best is about $5 mill.

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I like em' both the same! They're both addicting, and involve smashing things, so I'm good