Whats your favourite aspect of Online Paradise?

Ranked Races
11% (22 votes)
Racing with friends
16% (33 votes)
Setting Time Road Rules
1% (2 votes)
2% (4 votes)
Co-op Challenges
51% (102 votes)
Freeburning/Todays Best
19% (38 votes)
Total votes: 201


kevlar0's picture

online road rage would have been my winner, if it were there, but it ain't, so tough titty for me..

my dog ate my disc.

ZombieTron's picture

tough titties aren't in the selection either!

I voted for Ranked Races as I finally took the plunge today and pitted my skills against some of the best Burner's, didn't do too badly either!

There is less hanging around not doing much as the games seem to be started quicker then other rooms I have been in.

Lots of Fun! and some good close races too!!

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