Paradise Update and other news

Update 1.2 has left the building!

The 1.2 Update has left the Criterion Offices and is now going to be QA tested before expected release on the 24th of April.

This update deals with a lot of bug fixes and improving the takedown physics amongst other things.

Update 1.2 Details

In other news, Paradise has been featured in the new Wyclef Jean video "Fast Car". The video looks very cool and is a great advert for Burnout Paradise.

Wyclef Jean "Fast Car" Video

The Burnout Paradise Ranked Racing Easter Weekend was a big success, with lots of players gaining rank to try to get the top position. Our own Xandu came 2nd place in the biggest score gain on the 360 leaderboards by using his alter ego. Congratulations Xandu! and to all the big winners of the weekend! You can see the top 101 point scorers here.



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I was wondering why when there were points for posting all mine went to Irongrid whenever I edited anything lol - I could never figure it out... It all makes sense now..... 

CAPS LOCK - Cruise control for AWESOME!!

CAPS LOCK - Cruise control for AWESOME!!