Freeburn Game Modes & Ranked Race Changes

Criterion Games have announced some changes on the way in a future update in Crash FM episode 25.

Update 1.3 or "Cagney" will include major changes to game play in the open world and a complete overhaul of ranked races online.

Freeburn Game Modes

There will be more challenges added and these will have a timed element to them. As well as new challenges 3 major new game modes will also be introduced:

  • Freeburn Stunt Run
  • Freeburn Marked Man
  • Freeburn Road Rage

Ranked Racing Changes

As the current ranking system is open to manipulation, the Burnout Team are overhauling ranked racing to make it more fair and accessible for everybody. The major changes are:

  • Paradise Drives Only
  • Traffic On
  • 1 Round Only

The Burnout Team have said that they will include user created race routes within the Paradise Drives, but only sanctioned race routes will be available for ranked races.

If you have a good race that you think should be included send it to You can use the ILM to create your own races. Custom routes will still be able to be used in Player Matches.



Xandu's picture

Im really looking forward to freeburn Stunt Run. That will be lots of fun.

As for the ranked races I understand why they limit it to one round. This will allow them to use the original or similar penalty system and it will not be open to manipulation in any way.

As for only allowing Paradise Drives they need to include lots of them to make it interresting. I think 100 is a  minumum for the intial release and it should include a mix of open point to point races, curcuit races and lapped curcuit races. Hopefully they will keep the race definitions server side so they can add lots of new paradise drives in the furture without any updates to the game.

-- The Creator --

-- The Creator --