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I finally managed to squeeze out my first online win today, or so I thought.

It was an 8-player race.  The pattern was very unusual, where racers spent most of their time backtracking into each other (it was shaped like a T).  In the first round, I took second place.  In the second round, the guy who won the first round and I went back and forth, but I managed to edge him out for a first.

That left us tied, so a third round happened with just us two, which I won with ease (I was 2 miles ahead of the other guy).

The "You Won!" banner came up, counted through the rest of the information (who went up, who went down, how many points, ect), but the very next message to come up was one informing me that the other player left.

And my win does not, apparently, count.

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All 8 players must still be connected when the rounds end for you to get the achievement. Also note that you only have to win one of the races.

This is kind of like the "Most Wanted" achievement in Burnout Revenge where you had to have at least one takedown on each of the players when you returned to the lobby. Lots of people had trouble getting the achievement since there was always someone quitting out before they were back in the lobby.

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-- The Creator --

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I understand, and had assumed as much.  I just needed to vent about the guy who robbed me of my first victory.

I got a couple more after that, so I am up to 2 wins now, but the guy quit because I beat him and he was ranked, I think it said, in the mid-thousands and he did not want to lose his rank.

How pathetic is that?