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So i just had one topic deleted and another locked for no good reason as far as I can tell. I only started going there a few days ago so im really shocked, especially since they talk about how much they like fan input in the podcasts. I dont really have anything useful to say, i just needed to vent.

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Dare I ask what the topics were about?  Having been a moderator in the past, I know sometimes the context, the manner of the post could be the reason for the lock.

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There were quite a few threads deleted yesterday, the only reason I can see for this was that they were all slightly negative about the BIG announcements made in Podcast 29. As the Criterion Games forums are on the Criterion Games website and are official and moderated by the developers, I can understand them not wanting negative comments on the site. I personally think it is a heavy handed way to deal with it. It has put new posters off of contributing to the site.

If the forum is a way for them to gauge the fans attitudes towards the game, only allowing a handful of Paradise fanboys to post seems counterproductive.

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To me it almost seems a little too positive. Getting some negative feedback can be very healty. Anyone that says something that can be interpreted as negative seems to be quickly silenced by a group of the most active members (unless the post has not already been deleted or locked). Also the forum represents less than 0.1 % of the total Burnout Population so I would be very careful to put too much consideration into what is being said there. Of course Criterion Games already knows this so I'm not worried :-)

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Was the anti-plane thread with multiple pages deleted? If so, shame on Criterion. I'm not against it, but that was a good thing for Critierion. Based on the pro and anti threads, they could roughly gauge whether or not the majority of people would be for it.