GTA 4 vs Paradise

Boostless cars, planes, bikes? Am I talking about Paradise or GTA? Now I only found out yesterday that GTA has multiplay in it but it made me wonder why criterion is bothering with all this mess. Its like they are trying to be GTA for no good reason. They already have our money so it cant really be greed. GTA will have been out for months by the time the updates get to us, so they cant possibly compete. I really dont get it.

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But, with stunts and challenges.

There is still some Burnout gameplay elements in there. And you never know the racing might be much improved with the changes to ranked racing in Cagney.

There is online Road Rage coming too! I really hope the new game modes work and bring the Burnout community back together on Paradise.

Right now tho, most of my Burner friends are still playing Revenge or Burnout 3.

I'm sure tomorrow tho, 100% of my friends list will be on GTA 4.

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