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Hi I am the parkster. I'm here to advertise the free encyclopaedia for burnout paradise, which any of you can edit. We’ve been around since January 2008, and are still going strong with content and users. However more can be done. That is why we, at the site, want you to join (for free!) and help us add content and basically make the site a better place.

Considering you are taking an interest in the forums (by reading this topic, and others), I thought you may be interested and very fanatic about the game. So that’s why I came here: to invite you to have fun and find out things, about burnout paradise, that you didn’t know before. You may have completed the game though? No worries at all. You can help expand small articles and help us to create pages for; hard-to-get cars.

We also need assistance at the forums, where we discuss issues, which face the community, and solve them together and appropriately. There are also chances for you to get promoted and become a higher status user in the community, where you get new editing tools at your disposal. It’s worth joining, helping and contributing. We need you to make the site better and ultimately making your game of burnout paradise better!

This is merely an invite. If you are not interested then that’s ok but I’m sure that there are many people who enjoy burnout paradise as much as we do, over at the site. Not only can you edit; you have an important say in what happens in the site. If you think that something is wrong; then you ask and we will gladly reply, or if you don’t like the style or layout of the site; then you can contribute your own ideas on certain pages. Then the community will decide together on the outcome of the raised issue. We appreciate any help and any positive ideas to make the site that whole lot better. So what do you say? Do you want to have fun? Do you want to unlock the fastest of all cars and win all of the events? If so then join, at: http://www.burnoutparadise.wikia.com, for free and make your game of BP the best yet!

I hope you accept: the parkster, Burnout Paradise Wiki founder.

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Welcome to BurnoutAholics!

We have had a link up to the wiki for a while now, and it is a really good source of info for all things Paradise.

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Thanks. Is there any chance that you could post a site-wide invite to all of the users to encourage them to join. We only have a few active users at the site. We have many more but their contributions are not numerous! This would be a great help.

Thanks again: the parkster

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