I can't seem to change my avatar from the one given at start-up.  For that matter, I don't see avatars in the forums anyway.  Am I missing something??  (bear with me, I've only been a member of the forum about a half-hour!!)

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I think you have to get the picture you want to be your avatar set up differently or something on a site like tinypic.com.  And no, you're not missing anything, people only see avatars if they view your profile.

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If you click on the user list you can see all the Avatars next to the users names in a big long list too.

But, due to the style of the forum there is no Avatar. At least I think that's the reason??!

I have my pic uploaded, but I don't know how I did it!!?

P.S Welcome to BurnoutAholics!

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Thanks for the info & the welcome!