Marked Man events

Great site gents. I'm a recent convert to Burnout (Paradise only so far but going to pick up Revenge) so am getting a lot out of here. Seems like a good bunch of peeps on here too.

Need a little advice - I have about 50 events left to do on Burnout license and have started to find Marked Man events almost impossible. I didn't expect them get easier but SWEET MARY those fellas chasing me have got aggressive! Finding that early aggression works well but even there I'm tending to get cars spawning behind me and just ramming me from behind into walls. I can't turn, brake or do anything to avoid them. At the moment I'm converting about 1 in every 20 - 30 Marked Man events and it's getting on my nerves a bit. No problems with any game type other than this.

Thanks agaiin.

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What car are you using? I would recommend trying the Steel Wheels car - the codes for this are in another thread if you haven't got it yet!

It is fast and strong enough to make most Marked Man events a little easier.

Finding good shortcuts helps too, as the AI don't normally use the routes away from the main roads. And ofcourse the main thing is NEVER STOP!!!

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I've tried everything - Thunder Shadow, BRT Inferno Van, Citizen, Civilian, the quicker speed cars trying to outrun them (that was a poor idea...) but I don't think I've tried the Steel Wheels. Will give it a go tonight.

Find the shortcuts work to an extent but again, tend to get sideswiped coming out of them...the chasers just seem to come from nowhere! As for not stopping...not a choice with the Thunder Shadow when cornering! Thing handles like a wheelchair round corners.

Thanks for the tip.

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Another good tip is to plan your route along roads with Auto Repair Shops!

Stopping in at an Auto Repair at Damage Critical has saved me in many events!

Good Luck! Let us know how you got on.

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Thanks for the help - I'll let you know about my few successes and many failures for sure!

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The Auto Repairs are the key for me.  You're GONNA get taken down, there's no getting around it!  The trick is to know how many take downs it takes before you lose & to know where the Auto Repairs are.  It's usually well worth it to go out of your way to find an auto repair, espcially in a car that will go 5 or 6 take downs before losing.

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Use the train tracks when possible.  Of all the short cuts, they are the one that the AI take the longest to appear in. 

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Did not struggle at all last night - used the steel wheels and spent a little time planning routes before starting an event. Worked a treat. All Marked Man Events completed with only a couple of failures. Unlocked the Hot Rod Coupe as well. Nice.

Moving on to Stunt Runs now...something else I've struggled with (a bit) but picking them up slowly. learning to use the time to get to big open spaces with a speed car and do boost drifts / jumps to get the points. Kinda taking the fun out of it I know but I'm rubbish. What do you do, eh?! At least I don't have problems with Road Rage, Races or Burning Routes!