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Paradise..What Might Have Been...

Criterion Games have posted a new story on their website today, telling us about what might have been...

They sure had big plans for Paradise, even talking about giving us the moon!

Here is an excerpt of the article, showing what was discussed as possible DLC;


No Big Surf Vacation for PC Users

It seems like all the news stories I write lately are bad ones... sorry PC users but it seems that there are no plans to release Big Surf Island for PC. This story broke over at a German games site www.Gameswelt.de just over a week ago. Click HERE for the full story in German, google translate didn't do a brilliant job, but the gist of it is "No DLC for PC" sorry folks!


Burnout Paradise in the first wave of Games on Demand

The new Xbox 360 update will hit on the 11th of August 2009. One of the main new features is "Games on Demand" a brand new way to access and play games on Xbox 360. The games, delivered electronically, can be purchased with credit card or microsoft points and you will be able to buy microsoft points on Xbox.com with paypal too.

Burnout Paradise will be one of the first games to be available on demand, downloadable directly to your Xbox 360 HDD from the 11th of August.


Big Surf Island Merchandise

Need a souvenir from your holiday on Big Surf Island? Criterion Games have now added some Big Surf Island designs to their Zazzle Store. The designs are available as T-Shirts as well as the mugs pictured.

Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island Mug

Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island Mug

Big Surf Island Sticker

There are also Big Surf Island postcards available for you to send to your friends!

Visit the Zazzle Store for more Burnout merchandise.


Two of the New Island Cars Revealed

Criterion Games have released details of two more of the nine cars coming with Big Surf Island. These two you will have to work for, they will be unlockable within Big Surf Island.

The first is the Hunter Olympus Governor. This is the Olympus with a twist, not only does it feature a camo livery, but it also comes with BOOST! Stunt Boost to be precise. They go on to state that this vehicle is virtually impossible to wreck, so it must be as tough as old boots.

The second is the Carson Annihilator Street Rod. This is a Speed Boost car. To see the pics of these cars head over to www.CriterionGames.com.


Big Surf Island Dated as 11th June 2009

On Friday at 4pm BST Criterion Games answered the most frequently asked question about the Island.

When will the Island be released?

The answer is the 11th of June 2009, you can see new island footage over at www.CriterionGames.com along with all the latest from the team.

We still don't have details of the price of the Island, or what Achievements will be included with the DLC.

But, there are loads of things we do know...


Version 1.8 and Cops and Robbers: Out Now!

From the 30th of April, not only will you be able to purchase Cops and Robbers, the new online game mode. You will also be able to get Version 1.8 as a free download which will include the following bug fixes, as per Criterion Games website:

GT Nighthawk PlayStation 3 Trophy
Something that only became apparent once the Legendary Cars went live is that if you already had the 2x Boost Chain Trophy it was impossible to get the GT Nighthawk one. We're pleased to say this is now fixed and everyone will be able to earn this Trophy once the update goes live tomorrow. 
Game freezing on the start line of an online ranked race
We had a number of reports about this though we have had difficulty reproducing it in-house. However, we did find one possible issue which we have now fixed and we very much hope this fixes the issue some players have been reporting. We're monitoring the situation and will make improvements where we can. 
Not being able to select purchased vehicles in the Junkyard
In the majority of cases we found the cause of this was that people had purchased the vehicles but not downloaded AND installed them.Correctly downloading and installing the vehicles fixed the issue. However there was a rare bug seen with a handful of customers who achieved their Elite license during a specific period of time last year which meant that some of the vehicles had indeed disappeared. We have now fixed this issue and that fix appears in the new update.
Smashes and billboards resetting after playing the Party Mode
This was a problem that occasionally happened when you started a Party then re-entered Paradise City.
They weren't actually reset. When you restarted the game everything was back to normal. However, it was annoying and we are pleased to say it has now been fixed.
Version 1.8 will probably be a required download for online play, once you have downloaded this to your Xbox hard drive, it will probably be safe for you to delete Version 1.7 along with any other previous downloads, as with all updates so far (for Xbox 360) each of the previous updates have been included in the new pack.

Big Surf Island - All the footage from Inside Xbox

Thanks to hn6 for posting this up on YouTube, now all of you can enjoy the footage even if you aren't on Xbox Live.


Inside Xbox: Burnout Paradise Video

While you are there, check out Jammy Chap's Dukes of Hazzard video too!  

Dukes of Hazzard in Paradise City

Thanks to Longy for the correction!


Criterion Games Guide to Hosting in Paradise

Thought I would repost this from CG's page as it gives some good guidelines for how to be a good host on Burnout Paradise, you can also see our own hosting guides:

The Art of Hosting in Burnout Paradise

The Art of Hosting in Burnout Paradise - Part 2

What is a Good Room?

Think you know the rules of Freeburn? Test out your knowledge with The Referee's quick and simple quiz (answers below).



Big Surf Island: All the footage from Qore

Here is what we have all been waiting for, this is a link to Qore's March episode on You Tube, this is the first link I found and you do have to wait through the loading at the beginning, but after that is all the Island footage for you and a peak inside Criterion Games offices in Guildford, UK.


Qore Episode 10: Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island

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