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Burnout Price CRASH!

Burnout CRASH! is now available at the CRASH! price of only 400 MSP. It is great fun and a real bargain!

Here is a link to the marketplace, go buy it NOW!



Two BurnoutAholics wins Dev Team crash challenge!

Congratulations to OveReAction and Xandu!

Xandu won the Burnout CRASH! highscore challenge on XBox with $88,262,500 on Rush Hour mode on SeaCrest & 1st. OveReAction won the Burnout CRASH! highscore challenge on PS3 with $107,879,750 on Rush Hour mode on Skywing & 2nd.

They both won cool swag and we are looking forward to seeing what it is.

The details about the competition can be found here.


The First Master of Crash has been crowned!

The first Master of CRASH has been crowned. Congratulations to OveReAction! Very impressive scores.

We have not talked about what kind of prize the winner will get if any? I can tell you that the prize is a very unique limited edition BurnoutAholics.com T-shirt. As the T-Shirts have not been printed yet we will wait to send them out until we are done with all our competitions.


Burnout CRASH! Leaderboards

Master of CRASH!

We have now created leaderboards for Burnout CRASH! We are showing the top 300 players on each level so all you have to do is play Burnout CRASH on either PS3 or XBox 360 and then post your scores on your BurnoutAholics.com profile.

Remember that we also have the Master of Crash competition going. Registering all your scores, even the less impressive ones will improve your chances as the Master of Crash leaderboard is based on the total of all your scores.


Master of CRASH!

Burnout Crash!

We have now added Burnout CRASH! High Scores to your BurnoutAholics profile. We're starting by adding high scores for WindRush & 1st. Enter your best scores now and fight for the title of Crash Master! We will publish leaderboards this weekend so you can compare your scores to other BurnoutAholics. If you want to brag about your scores head over to the forums.


Criterion Games announces Burnout Crash!

Burnout CRASH!

The rumors have been confirmed. Burnout CRASH! is coming as a download only title to XBox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network this fall.

Criterion Games have gone back to their roots with Burnout CRASH! and reinvented the fan favourite Crash Mode as a brand new installment in the award-winning Burnout series. The new game is inspired by pinball, retro music and game shows.

It sounds like the gameplay will be as fun and simple as in the previous games. Drive in to an intersection, cause a massive pile-up and blow up everything in sight.

This will be a high score driven game and it will feature a new iteration of Autolog called Crashwall. Online multiplayer will be a turn based head-to-head high score battle as in Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Revenge.

The XBLA version will be compatible with Kinect. Featuring a Kinect only mode in which two teams can use gestural controls to crash and burn in a party battle!

It will be interesting to see how they utilize the power of Kinect in Burnout CRASH! This is what we know so far from Gamespots Hands On "with Kinect controls you need to jump into the air to trigger another explosion, and step in various directions around you to control the "aftertouch" direction of your demolished but still very much moving car." 

Screenshots and trailer is available here: http://www.criteriongames.com/CRASH/


Burnout Crash! coming to Xbox 360 and PS3?

Burnout Crash!

We first got to know about Burnout Crash! through the Australian Classification Website. Yesterday the following information was revealed through the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

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