Weil3r's Guide to Boost Jumping

"Boost Jumping" - Burnout 3 Takedown

By Weil3r

Any time your wheels leave the ground in B3, there is an opportunity to get a little extra speed by 'boost jumping'. Please note that if you are just holding down the boost button, you will not be able to boost jump. You must release it and tap it at the right time.

For small little bumps in the road, you have to release and tap the boost just before you hit them to get extra speed (in a Euro, this will typically boost your speed to 214-220 depending on how well you timed it).

For a larger jump, you release the boost just before you hit the jump and hit the boost button just after your tires leave the ground (in a Euro, this will typically boost your speed to 225-240 depending both on the size of the jump and the timing of your boosting).

Two easy places to see the effect a large jump can have are on Island Paradise (Northbound I believe) and Dockside Northbound...once you hit the ground with your wheels spinning at these increased speeds you will get a boost of speed. Your speed will regulate pretty quickly, but finding a few spots like this on a track can take multiple tenths off your lap times. Please note that because of the increased downforce of the World Circuit Racer, 'boost jumping' has a slightly decreased effect.