10th Timed Challenge Trophy

Well first off, i'm new to here.. so Hi everyone ^.^

Now for what i'm really posting for...
I am having trouble with the trophy which you recieve for completing 10 Timed Challenges (Online) [Gold Trophy]

Currently i have completed 10/10 2player Timed Challenges
and 1 in 3,4,5,6,8players as well.. (Cars)

I have also completed 5 2player Timed Challenges on a Bike.
I have yet to recieve the trophy for it, and i have looked around and seen others have had this problem also. Seeing as i'm talking about the trophy this is for PS3 if that is of any help for an answer. I haven't found a solution to fix this... ANY HELP?

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Did you complete the timed challenges that you have done before the Trophy pack was released?

As you should know, they are not retrospective, so I would assume you would need to do 10 more timed challenges after getting the Trophy pack.

If you got them all after getting the Trophy pack, I don't know what to advise??

I am on 360. Good Luck with it, and welcome to BurnoutAholics!

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i just got burnout this christmas so i got it after everything was updated
bikes, trophies, all the extra stuff


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I have this problem too.  I have completed about 17 timed challenges but Trophy has not materialised.

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never mind, sorry