Recovering the Bikes Pack

I was cleaning out some old game files and I accidentally deleted all of my Burnout Paradise content (saves, Bikes Pack, everything). After hitting myself in the head a few times, I reloaded he game (I have the original release) and expected to receive an update for the Bikes Pack. However, I got no update of any kind. I even bought the Party Pack today but I can't use it until I can update the game. Could it be that the Criterion servers are down getting ready for tomorrow?

I would appreciate any information anyone has about this.

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i think you are spot on with your assumption, they probably bundle all the updates into one, and release them as a pack on the 6th.

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I had a similar issue today. I bought the party pack and couldn't access it. Thinking something was different, I cleared all the updates out. However, when I rebooted paradise, I got a really fast new logo screen, and then it went to the pre-bogart loading screen. has a post about 1.6 not being out for the 360 yet, so I'm guessing the release of the the party pack before the patch messed something up.


I'll be patient...It'll iron out...however I can't play online in the meantime, as it won't download ANY updates for now.

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Though that was after midnight UK time, but its all up and running for me. SO check that you don't have something in your DL queue before you put Paradise in...

I'm, having an issuse with the PC VERSION, as it needed more than 5G of space for some reason, when I thought it was 3G needed, do I need the EA DL client thingymabob, as that seems to want the large amount of space set aside?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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1.6 for the 360 can be found on Marketplace (in case you happen to have missed it).


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Yep...I downloaded 1.6 today, and everything worked great. Big download...over 800 Mb