Dominator Vs. Burnout 2

I'm planning to buy a Burnout game (on Ebay) to play with my girlfriend and her siblings on the Playstation 2 but I'm not sure which one to get. I played some burnout games before with the first one being Burnout 2. I think Burnout 2 was the most addicting Burnout game to play with friends since it's more skill based (burnout chaining ftw) than the faster and takedown oriented Burnout 3/Legends. Later I also got Burnout Revenge which I hardly played since driving skill seemed to have gotten even less important as you could ram any car without crashing (or maybe I got bored after having played takedown a lot..).

Now I just read a review on Burnout Dominator which seems to incorporate more of Burnout 2's gameplay and has much better graphics. Since my GF's siblings are more mainstream gamers (though they don't play games often anymore), big crashes, aggressive takedowns and fancy graphics may appeal to them more, but on the other hand I know that Burnout 2 has always been a solid game.

So yeah should I get the shiny Burnout Dominator or the trusted classic Burnout 2, hmm...

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I haven't played Burnout Dominator much, we have it on PSP, but I really struggle playing on handhelds, so haven't completed it.

It is definitely worth getting tho, and is more about boost chaining etc than Revenge.

Burnout 3: Takedown is my personal favourite, especially because of how fun it is to play with other people.

Burnout 2 is still an absolute classic too, although I haven't played it for a while now.

Let us know which one you choose, and what you think of it.

If possible, I would say get Burnout 2, Burnout 3 and Dominator!

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I ended up buying Burnout Dominator after trying it out on my CFW PSP. I was able to win it for the PS2 on Ebay for $2.75 + $5 shipping, not bad! I'm not sure if I enjoy Dominator more than Burnout 2, but I do like the reappearance of burnout chains, racing on new circuits, improved graphics and the short cuts are pretty nifty as well (though the music is as crap as ever as opposed to Burnout 2). It's almost the perfect Burnout game for me and I'm actually happy that it's more 'bare bones' than Burnout 3/Legends/Revenge as I want a straight forward arcade racer for mostly it's fun offline multiplayer aspects. I'd say the game is pretty underrated.