Racing eSport

hello all,

I would like to move a little bit racing games into eSports. I know, its kinda "underground", but im sure there is a scene. eSports is more than shooting.

And I would like to make a home for this scene. Im a webmaster and I would like to create this project. Im here seeking help, finding people to work with me on this.

What I have in mind, is pretty much have something like machinima and MLG mixed. Have people make their own videos and post them on the project channels, let people know the games, show off their skills; and organize tournaments/competitions.

We would support any game that people would like, and not limit ourselves to just the new mainstream games (need for speed, driveclub, etc). It would be fun to have people make for instance videos for retro/weird racing games.

The reason for this is because Im running a video game commentary in spanish with a friend, and every sunday I make a racing game video. And Im enjoying so much doing that, I thought taking this to the next step.

We would have a website, YT channel, streaming, you name it.

I think this could be really interesting as it is something that is not done yet. it wouldnt be like YET another call of duty channel. And googling "racing esport" i could only find a german website, and an english one that seems to be dead. So, it seems it hasnt been done seriously before.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this idea, and like I said, it would be awesome if some of you would join me on this project.

I already know, that if I/we go ahead, it wont make the news. But thats not the goal, Im aware this will never be nearly as successful than other eSports project, but I find it fun to do projects like that, and I/we would give a home to the (small) racing esport scene.


And im posting this here because I want burnout to be part of the content.

Thank you for your attention.