In the blink of an eye everything can be lost!

The original Burnout

Burnout gives you licence to drive a car the way you always wanted to - racing like a maniac through rush hour traffic, avoiding, causing and surviving dramatic pile-ups. Take the wheel of 9 different vehicles, including nippy compacts, speedy roadsters, power muscle cars - even a bus! Put the pedal to the metal on 14 circuits, set on highways and city streets around the world . Drive aggressively, putting your vehicle into long sliding drifts, racing into oncoming traffic, jumping traffic signals and speeding through cross-traffic. Every dice with death earns you more 'Burn', that you can use to tear up the road at turbo speeds. Every smash costs you time, but at least you can watch the spectacular collisions from every angle, in slow-motion, and save them to memory card to amaze your friends! Your opponents are a pack of ruthless computer drivers or another human player. Turn up the aggression and race against a friend in the two multiplayer modes, ramming them into walls, steering them into oncoming traffic or causing pile-ups that they have to swerve around or dive through!

Don't drive like this in real life! Burnout is a high risk, high energy arcade style street racer. No learning curve required, just pick up and play! The most spectacular crashes ever - period. Burnout's action will leave you sweating, short of breath and totally in shock. Hyperventilating is part of the fun. Burnout monitors your driver's heart rate: you're rewarded for near-misses and the more risks you take. Civilians steer clear!

Game Features: 

  • There's only one way to drive in Burnout: DANGEROUSLY. Force traffic into your opponent's path and risk a head-on collision to secure a win!
  • Slide, cut close and drive into oncoming traffic and you'll be rewarded for your risk-taking.
  • Crashes are based on actual crash and damage physics for the ultimate in stunning realism.
  • Instant replays allow you to relive your handiwork from multiple angles, in all of its cringe-inducing, metal bashing glory.
  • Incredibly advanced traffic AI: civilians try to avoid and warn you while opponents try to slam you off the road!
  • Cruise the United States and Europe on 14 awesome, traffic-filled courses, through cities and into the countryside.
  • Over 300 vehicles fill the streets and highways making reckless racing and wild demolition a certainty.
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound brings the roar of screeching tires and twisting metal to life.
  • Analog controller compatible, so you can feel every turn, skid and crash. New Xbox(tm) Features:
  • Realtime 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio - to bring the game alive: Hear the roar of the traffic and the crunching-metal of the crashes surround you! The power of the Xbox converts the sound and music data on the fly. True 5.1 audio - most Xbox titles don't use the center speaker of a 5.1 setup properly, Burnout does!
  • HDTV and Progressive Scan support - for users with high-definition display or digital TV: Burnout is crisp and interlace-free when displayed on a High-Definition TV at 480p (NTSC version only)!
  • Bump mapping on all of the road surfaces and 'Phong' specular lighting: Bump mapping is a great Xbox-specific effect - this makes the road surface look more bumpy and detailed - just like in real life.
  • Per pixel specular lighting: Another great Xbox effect - this means that light falls on the road in a more realistic fashion - drive into the sun and see the glare coming off the road!
  • True volumetric shadows on the environment and other vehicles: This means that the shadows in the game "fall" realistically on the environment and other vehicles as you drive past them - this makes the game more realistic-looking.
  • Real-time cubic environment mapping: The body of the car realistically reflects the environment in which it is driving - again this makes the game more realistic looking.
  • Improved deformation model: Making the crashes and damage look more realistic and exciting.
  • True "Phong" per pixel lighting: The power of the Xbox allows a more accurate representation of the interaction of light and surfaces.
  • Use of the in-built hard disk: This has allowed us to further speed up game loading times for the fastest Burnout load on any system.
  • High resolution: Burnout runs at 640x480 resolution for incredibly sharp and detailed graphics.
  • Anti-aliasing: Resulting in a more stable and sharp display with absolutely no shimmering or flickering.
  • Tri-linear filtering: This makes textures smoother and reduces flickering.

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