ILM: Printing Your Map

Someone emailed me earlier today asking about printing and the Burnout Paradise Map.  Their main concern was about the panel transparency not working when the map was printed.  However, similarly, the transparent backgrounds of the icons could also be lost, turning their backgrounds to an unsightly black. I didn't even know people printed things out like this anymore (or, more accurately, I personally never do), so I never considered it until now.

The default print behavior for Flash movie printing is one that favors quality over accuracy.  Unusual dichotomy, I know; but basically the higher quality comes at a price of ignoring transparency effects.  As a countermeasure I've implemented a scripted print action that implements an alternative bitmap-based print behavior which will be able to maintain the transparency effects.  To use this style of printing, use the print button at the bottom right of the map (its location is subject to change).

In addition to retaining transparency effects, this print button actually hides the navigation and other panel graphics as well, giving you a full, clear map printout.  If you're a printer, you might want to go check it out.


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