lobby lurkling, room hopping and RERURA..

another post.. wow.. work sucks for me to be doing this.. lol

so spent this weekend playing a fair bit of revenge.. and managed to get my rank down to a reasonable sub 600.. I must admit I was enjoying my time 'appearing offline' while I rediscovered even more delights of revenge.. i guess the first one was room hopping.. i spent a fair bit of time just jumping from one room to another every couple of rounds.. when there was more than one room open.. and it was funny to find all different types of hosts controlling the game and all different types of conversation.. theres something about listening in to other people talk and not having to be part of the conversation that I enjoy.. is that wrong.. am i an audio voyeur..

there were some host that got upset if you took them down at the start.. or kept beating them on the last corner.. but the majority of them still seemed to be the laid back stoner type of person.. and most of the people i raced with seemed to be american.. and shock horror.. they were quite entertaining and not offensive at all.. only one person got upset with me enough to curse happened to be an englishman with some sort of attitude problem.. lol..

I also hosted a few of my friends in a couple of rooms over the weekend and rediscovered the fantastic RERURA, it always makes wonder how it can really be called 'Random' when you end up playing the same track as the opening round 3 times in a row..  for those that don't know, im a lazy host.. none of this picking of tracks each round.. its default laps but always RERURA.. Randon Europe, Random US and Random Asia.. that way you have a chance of finishing on Eastern Bay..

it also gave me a chance to lobby lurk whenever i felt like it.. just sit in the lobby and have a good all chat about nothing.. tends to only work when your in a room with friends and it has been known that people will leave my rooms because they think the conversations are a little too weird for their tastes.. although I think we kept it fairly sane over the weekend..

it was also strange to find out that I had been racing with a fellow burnoutaholic.. although i cant remember his tag he had just registered on here..

so the old skool fun ended on sunday night when i decided that it was time for me to go to sleep and make sure I could make it into work today.. but have to say thanks for the races and a shout out to those in the room.. Suffur, ZombieTron, the creator (Xandu) and the ever effervecent Kevlar0.. Kev you need to spend more time on revenge to get back on pace.. and so I can get more takedowns on you.. lol..

so im gonna be on revenge tonite.. may host.. may room hop.. if your an aholic and your on and I jump in just say hello and I will talk.. if you don't i probably wont say anything..


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Playing Revenge, and Poker via Texas Hold'em and lost a house, not good! Good to pay Revenge again, did some 205 stuff but got owned, so back to the Revenge racer.

Played Burnout 3 but voice comms is still too quiet.

Also Played Paradise, but found, the update, did not rock my world, voice comms, frame rate issuse, and the cars still float on air, but it's an improvement, awaiting Cagney, to see how the new online games will be.

Also did a bit of RAinbow 2, but that game suffers from not talking when ur dead issuses, .

Gaming is all about communication, and a lot of games are suffering, because you can't do it.

If you have noticed, I have not been blogging much, but since Paradise does not rock my world, due to poor handling, and above mentioned issuses, why repeat my self, have done I know but I still stick with my earlier blogs, Paradise needs work, and Criterion is working on it, will it be up to my standard of driving we will have to see?

I have got a new set up at home, It's like I have a command center ala Transformers, and Kev Smith, and loving it, I don't need to leave my giant bed except to eat and Powder my Nose, have a Pee, not drugs you doggey people.

Now I also have my PC back had a chance to see forums and listen to some Podcasts that I have missed, in the last month, a lot going on on the Criterion Forums, and their podcasts. Talk about Race route, that will be sanctioned to Ranked races, some I created on my first day, no did not enter the race creator contest, because it seemed to be based on  point to point stuff, and I'm more inclined to lapped races, familiar land marks and making sure other players can see each other, once familiar with the route. But looking forward to trying other peoples routes when hey are released. Frozen Vapours One is cool.

But there are some routes that need different finish points, there are some roads that are dying to be used in races, but getting there needs to push peoples knowledge of Paradise, but the roads do push your driving skills, and change the formula of going from one main road to another, and use minor roadsinstead.

Also now I have my capture card, will start recording the races i have with my friends and may even do that Revenge movie, but need to sort out some wiring so I can play, through the tv in HD, but record in standard, I could record in HD, but its a big format to save and uploading would be too large for what people could buffer ala Youtube, not even sure they support it anyway.

ANyhew I'm done for now!

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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I think I would recommend to record in HD and downscale when you edit the movie on your PC. I've done some recording in SD and the image quality of the finished product is normally rubbish.

-- The Creator --

-- The Creator --