Finally aced the last few stunt runs by using a stunt car and just using the slightest bit of boost when the combo timer was 3/4 full to get to the quarry - once there it was easy to get 15x/20x combos and the job was done!

Felt pretty good that I finished it - still 5 online challenges to do and a certain Carbon Uberschall to unlock. Finished 2 player challenges, completed around 185 challenges overall. It's them, the races (I haven't won a single 8 player race yet!) and the 50 photo achievements I have left.

Nearly there but I get a feeling that by the time I get everything done they'll be releasing Burnout Paradise 3....

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I'm finally at 100% on the PS3, long way to go to get the carbon ubershall. I am at 101% on the 360, it was easier because I started that game sooner (took me 3 weeks, but got the game the day it came out). It took me only 11 days to get to 100% on the PS3, pretty proud that I got it on both systems. Anyone looking to finish challenges, add me to your friend list or look me up on line!



I'm kind of a big deal

I'm kind of a big deal

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I just completed 100% and the game told me to, "enjoy the ultimate cars". I don't see any ultimate cars in my junkyard. Am I missing something?

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You don't get any new cars, but you should be able to choose to have a Gold or Platinum finish to your car, so you can show off your bling when you play online!

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I finally made it to 100%!!  I did the 40X stunt run multiplier and the 20X boost chain yesterday to get there.  I have to admit, I simply took a speed car to the quarry and did one big boost/drift circle until I got 20X!!  The stunt run was a nail biter - When I got to 35X, I was nervous as hell & could feel my heart beating in my boost finger!!  At both 38X & 39X I ran out of boost & had to do some miraculous low speed drifts to save my ass!!

How do you get the "carbon ubershall" mentioned in this thread??  I've only completed about 100 'challenges' - Do you have to complete them to get another car?  I already have 80 cars but I've seen some people with 81.

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You need to complete 2 blocks of challenges to get the extra car and 101% completion. A block is all 50 challenges for a certain number of players, so all 2-player challenges completed = 1 block.  Check the list of challenges to see which ones you are missing, the completed challenges are ticked off. 

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Nice one Coltsfan.

Finally got to 101% last week and finished all the achievements. Just need to wait for the DLC to come out on the 10th and I can start all over again!

Carbon Uberschall is definitely worth working towards - a great stunt car that rivals the P12 in terms of barrel rolling and flat spinning!

I only ever use the Hawker Solo really but have started to use the Carbon Uberschall for some of the barrell rolling challenges online, I also only use the PCPD Special for races.

Anyone else have favourites?

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How in the hell can you possibly complete ANYTHING with people jumping in and out of Freeburns canceling the challenges!!  I know people get it done but I'm just not that patient!