Anyone else find it hard to race in BP?

Yeah, I think its just really hard. I wish they had arrows like in Revenge, Free Roam racing sucks, to many twists turns and random objects that you can run into and wreck because you were trying to figure out where you are on the mini map.

On the other hand Cops and Robbers is fairly easy to drive around in for some reason. I just have problems with racing.

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 Racing is a little difficult but the game does tell you where to turn with the road signs that appear on the screen. I do agree however that there are random moments that would wreck you no matter what you'd do such as suddenly ramming into an oncoming vehicle "hull-down" behind a hill. I found out online racing isn't as frustrating as battling with CPU racers. :P Getting to know the map AND slowing down on the right occasion does help.

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The best way to learn the 40 Paradise drives is to do them 1 at a time, and think of them as set routes. Running the same route till you are familiar with the shortcuts and the best lines is a good idea, and race with the good racers in ranked racing, follow there arrow and you soon pick up the best way.

But the best advice is to learn the map by freeburning and doing challenges.

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 You just need to do it.  Even if you've pretty much lost the race already, put in an effort to reach the finish line.  Rinse and repeat.  Keep repeating until you win.  Worked for me.

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and nothing can be done about?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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dunno if you know this, but in game racing is easy.... just dont boost untill ur close to cars..... take em down....



everytime u boost, they boost.....



marked man =  just get your hardest car and drive slowly, if you break,  they just fly into wall

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If anything I say in this comment is a repeat of someone before me I apologize, I have not read any other comments yet.

When I say that you have to race with your eyes closed, I mean that in a symbolic/ metaphor kind of way.  With all Burnout games, you become adjusted to the game and its obsticals, your memory kicks in and you really begin to not see with only your eyes at all. For me in my case this is how it is, even on a race I have not raced before sometimes and I come in first place.

Burnout seems to promote action for the racer that is pure instinct and of heightened senses. Yes it is hard to race, but you get use to it, you become the game. Sometimes while racing online, a car may spawn infront of you, but because you anticipate this, you may have to stray your normal course and just go with pure instinct and race a path you normally would not race.

Burner's get that 3rd eye and heightened since kind of thing as you would in real life, it won't hold you tight in it's arms and rock you to leave you to touch the stove a few times and cry until you learn how to turn off the stove.


Just like burnout takedown, Paradise is hard with the traffic and unexpected glitches and blips in the game.


"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA

"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA

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I agree entirely with what JWillis put.


Playing Burnout is as much of feeling the evironment as it is down to technical skill although doing "the knowledge" as it were is essential.


The only problem that I have with racing and has cost me numerous wins is that I am incredibly unlucky at crossroads and nine times out of ten plough straight into other vehicles.  I always drive the Hawker Solo and can hold my own speed wise with most others, even those who use far faster cars like the WTR .